Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Neighbourhood watch

Every breath you take, every move you make...

The neighbours’ house on the right is my number one priority. I need to check it at least four times a day to make sure nothing has happened to it. Like perhaps it might have fallen down when my back is turned. Or maybe someone has painted it blue while I am asleep.

I sit and stare at the house from my perch on the heater. So far not a lot has happened over there in the few years I have lived here. The house has not burned down during this time. Nor have they added anything cool like a bird aviary. One time the neighbours moved out and we got new neighbours. I liked the old neighbours better. They would wave at me through their lounge window. The new ones don’t seem to do anything interesting.

The neighbours on the other side of my house do not concern me as much. They have a giant rabbit which is bigger than I am and two chickens. The chickens pecked me once when I ran up to say hello with my claws, so now I avoid them like the plague.

Must stop blogging now and continue surveying next door...