Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Chariot Awaits

Showertime. I loves it! Not what you’d think a large brown cat like myself would consider a source of joy, but then I am not your regular run-of-the-mill feline.

There is nothing I love as much* as first thing in the morning when one hooman or the other rolls out of bed and hops sleepily into the shower.

As soon as I hear that water running, I bounce off the bed and up onto the bathroom basin...waiting. Waiting patiently. Oh so patiently.

The water turns off, the shower door opens and the now-clean hooman steps out of the shower. My pupils dilate and focus, my body shifts and my paws twitch. Ready. That hooman better get their towel on and wrapped around their shoulders in a hurry or they are gonna end up with a scratchy surprise.

One...two...three...HUP!! I leap off the basin and onto the closest shoulder in a clumsy mess of paws, claws, fur and bulk. I hear the usual groan and the shoulder lowers so I can climb over a little onto the hooman’s much more comfortable and roomy back.

Up on my hooman chariot I balance precariously as we lumber into the bedroom. I watch from above as the floor seems so much further away than usual. Triumphant. Ahhhh. And then it all ends when I am rudely shoved off my perch to half jump and half fall with a scrambly thud back onto the bed from whence I came.

I cannot wait until tomorrow morning.

*well ok there are lots of things I love as much. See here and here and here. But today we are talkin’ 'bout the shower.
Giddy up!