Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Introducing Miss Meg

Do do, do do, dodododo, dodododo... (Jaws)

This is Meg, my big sisfur. She came to live with the hoomans a year and a half before I did so she was the boss of the house (and still thinks she is, but I know better!)
Synchronised ignoring


We didn’t get on at all at first. It took two weeks before she would even stay in the same room as me. Now we get on ok. We like to wrestle and try to kill hug each other. Sometimes I like to kick her off the top of the cat tree, and sometimes she swats me when I get all up in her face.

Here is a video of us happily sharing one of my Top Cat Model prizes:
Working the gam

Meg is a lot shyer than I am and has a gammy leg. She ruptured her cruciate ligament and her leg has never been quite the same since. When she sits down she always sticks her leg out at a funny angle.

Meg's favourite sleeping position aka Beanbag Pose

I’m sure you will agree that Meg is almost just as bootiful as me!


  1. Hi Darwin & Meg. We saw you over at Rumble & Fluffle's comments and wanted to welcome you to our cat blogging community.

    Stop over and see us some time.

    George, Tipper, Max & Misty (The Crew)

    PS. I'm so impressed that you have your own airplane!