Saturday, October 9, 2010

Morning Wake Up Calls

Every morn at a time of my choosing – usually between 4.30 and 6.30am - I like to wake up the hoomans. The hoomans are required to rise at this time for feeding and/or entertainment purposes.

Haha just tricking, this isn’t what I do. We don’t have a baseball bat at our house for starters and I quite like my hoomans to *not* have head injuries. Instead I like to use a combination of the following techniques:
  • knocking things off the top of drawers;
  • biting plastic water bottle lid loudly and crunchily;
  • scratching walls;
  • a little claw to the edge of the hooman's lip or nostril;
  • general face prodding;
  • the bladder sit;
  • marching on the spot (usually on the hooman's chest);
  • the eye lick;
  • ball walking;
  • waiting for the hooman to half open their eyes and then bringing my paw (claws extended) towards one of their eyes.
I think that’s about it. The hoomans are getting wise to my current repertoire so it would be good to have some new tricks up my furry sleeve. If anyone has any other ideas, I would love to hear them!
I command thee to wake up


  1. Heh heh heh... my friend, you are an inspiration. I like to do the eye poke - I reach out my paw and give the human a gentle poke in their eye, gets them up every time!!

  2. I am embarrassed to confess, I am a late sleeper and am usually the last one out of bed. Even my human gets up before I do. In fact, sometimes I am the one who is hauled out of bed!

  3. Hi Darwin. Inigo and Rumbly said you'd started a blog so I came over to say hello. To wake my mum and dad up, I sit downstairs and cry like it is the end of the world. Works. Every. Time.

    Come visit me sometime, I'm just over in Melbourne.

  4. Hi Darwin. I'm Monty's human and sneaking a turn at the computer while he sleeps. He doesn't like to admit that there was anyone ever here before him (so I'm typing quietly), but my beloved Lisa B., after trying all of the above, would ever so gently hook one claw into my nostril and tug. Just a wee bit. And stare into my eyes with great meaning. I never ever pretended to be asleep after that!

    (Lisa B. passed away 7 years ago after 19 wonderful years together.)

  5. Hi Darwin! We came over from Rumblebum to say hello. you have room in that areoplane for a couple of cute ladycats?? As for waking up your hoomans...we tag team our Momma with a headbutt to the face and a poke to the back of the head. Try teaming up with your sister for double the fun.

  6. Hey and your sister are beautiful and we welcome you to the blogging world! Inigo and Rumblebum sent us over and we are very happy to make your acquaintance. We look forward to your future posts. Muffin, Jelly Bean, Horatio, Puss, Dusty & Jaimie.

  7. Hi Darwin, your airplane is terrific. Also, we love all your methods of waking up the hooomans. We certainly will have to try them. Also we love that Simon the cat. Take care.

  8. Hi Darwin! I never knew a kitty who flew a plane before! You are sooo brave and sooo talented!
    Our Cody loves to wake us up too....just like Simon's cat and you!
    We found you from Rhum and Inigo's blog and we are your newest followers!!
    Cat Chat
    xoxo Caren and Cody xoxo

  9. we do all of those plus boob walking, and sitting on the moms face.

  10. Hi Darwin! We find that a claw in our mom's eye or up her nose works REALLY well. Mind you, she's up before 4AM every day anyway--we've trained her well!

    So nice to meet you, btw. We came from Rumbles' and Inigo's blog!

  11. These are all great ideas for waking the moms and dads up, except the baseball bat. We don't have one at our house either.
    One thing that I do that really get the mom awake early is to give her a big hard, I mean little gentle, love bit on whatever is hanging out from under the blankets. I keep telling her it is a sign of affection and since I loooooove her so much I am just showing her how much. Be careful though as the humans bruise quiet easily and don't draw blood. That put the mom here in a bad mood to begin with. Not a good way to start the day.

  12. Oh, I hope you don't mind but I put you on my pal list go I can find my way back to you and we can get to know each other better with many visits.

  13. Hi Darwin, Inigo and Rumbles sent us over to say hello. My boys use many of the same techniques that you do when trying to wake us...the favourite being knocking the phone off the cradle!

    ~note from boys: We have the same airplane as you do that we got for Christmas last year. We didn't use it much until mum cut a hole in the side...we like it better going in that way!

    PS - we are following you know and look forward to reading all your adventures :-)

  14. Hey Darwin! I am a cat loving dog and a good friend of Rumbles. Love the plane! My feline sister Rosie wonders if you might fly Rumbles over for a visit.

    Your pal, Pip

  15. Well Hello Darwin~!!! We came over from Rumbles blog to say hey! You sure are furry handsome and we LOVE Simon's Cat~!!! Hope you can come visit us.

    Sniffs & Scratches~
    The Kool~Kittie~Krew

  16. Hello Darwin. We've come over from Rumbles blog to say hello.

    Those are great wake up techniques you have!

  17. Hi Darwin. It's nice to meet you. I see you are another very very handsome kitty. I always tease dat Rumbles about being in competition for the ladies, now I see you will be fierce competition too. he he - you has the art of wake-up techniques really purrfected!! My favorite is the "bladder" trechnique. I use it myself regularly cuz it works so well.

  18. Hi, Darwin, it's grand to meet you........we hope you will fly over and say howdy to us, too.

    We so love Simon!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, Rumbles sent us over.

  19. Hi Darwin. Rumbles sent me!! Hey, you have your own plane - I have my own boat!! You sure we're not related? Oh, wait a sec, I'm not bengal. Oh well. Anyway, it's good to meet you - come and visit me -



  20. Hi Darwin, we came over from Inigo & Rumble's place! Any time you want, fly on over to Las Vegas and visit us, we love company. There's 13 of us so Mommy will never notice, LOL!

    We prefer the bladder stomp to wake our Mommy up, at least once in the night (for pettings) and then again in the morning.

  21. Hi beautiful Darwin!! Your handsome friends Inigo and Rumbles said we could ride with your on your plane if me and my cat Charlie came over! :-) Awwwwww not really - but we did want to pop over to say a big hello to you and your gorgeous sister Meg!

    We love your fish blog design - yay!! Take care

  22. Yep, Inigo and Rumbles told me too. I love your blog and that picture of you is a purrfect wake-up call fur sure!

  23. Hi Darwin! We also came over from Inigo and Rumbles blog! WE are very glad to meet you!

    Oh, and as far as wake ups go, you have it mostly covered - the only thing we would recommend that you don't have - sneeze on the humans face. We do the stuff you do (or similar things) and also we do the sneeze sometimes - that is a great one if they are resisting the other tries!

  24. Hi Darwin! Nice to meet you. We came over from Rumblebum's blog.

    My favorite way to get the humans going in the morning is meowing pitifully, and then looking sorrowful when the humans finally feed me. It does the trick!

  25. Rumblepurr sent me over! Welcome to the CB!

  26. My favorite way is to head butt and butt butt Jan and if that doesn't work, I make biscuits on her side with claws out. That makes her move every time cause I keep my nails extra sharp.

  27. Hai, Darwin!
    It iz nice to meet you. We are a crew of 4 kittehs, and mom and dad finks we iz spoiled. We finks we just gets wot all kittehs deserve.

    We laffed a lot at your post--it reminded us of our Munchkin's antics, dat Tigger told abowt offur on da "naughty kitty club." You mite like to join dat club. MOL

    Heer iz da linky to Tigger's post:

    Your noo furriends, Tigger, Munchkin, Jigsaw and Patches.

  28. Oh my whiskers! So many lovely new followers with lots of great advice for waking the hoomans.

    I particularly like the face sneeze from Amy and the house of cats! I have not tried this before, but will at a time of my choosing... glad to see a lot of you do the bladder walk and the nostril hook too. Both very effective techniques.

    Also Cat had great advice regarding cutting a hole in the side of my plane. I only go in from underneath at the moment as when I jump in through the top it falls over!