Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Exciting Weekend!

I had a special visitor today. Actually, I had TWO special visitors today - Mishamummy and Flat Misha, all the way from Auckland. Misha is a suave Russian Blue boy and was a judge in New Zealand's Next Top Cat Model this year, a finalist last year, and has his very own blog. While Misha himself was unable to visit today, I got to meet Flat Misha, who is the same size as real Misha, but a bit quieter and less furry.

I thought Flat Misha WAS real Misha at first so I puffed up a little bit and had a bit of a sniff.
Halt! Who goes there?
Meeeeg! I need a second opinion
Then the lovely Mishamummy got out the catnip and treats, and Meg and I were rolling, stretching messes. Meg *may* have gotten a bit of a whap from me when she tried to steal the nip away.

Also, last night mum hooman got to meet the bootiful Rumblemum and Rumbles (cat blogger, handsome mancat extraordinnaire, and a fellow finalist in NZ's Next Top Cat  Model). He showed off his climbing technique rather well and mum hooman was very impressed. And of course he worked his charms on her with *that* face (Mum hooman here: one word - SWOON).
Helloooo ladies

Monday, December 6, 2010

Out with the old and in with the new

My prized straw mousie decided it had had enough so I thought I’d take my replacement straw mousie for a test slaughter today.

Yep, new straw mousie is nearly as good as old straw mousie.