Thursday, January 20, 2011

Darwin the Lionheart

Last night I was courageous and ventured into the same room that Josie the puppy was in.
I gave her a big whap to show her who’s boss. Then I let mum hooman take a picture of us together. Well sort of.
Why the long face?
Mum says it is progress and gave me lots and lots of Party Mix and told me I was a very good boy. I don't care what it is as long as I keep getting treats and pats.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Intruder Alert!

My apologies for not writing a blog entry sooner. I’ve been relegated to the bedroom, and it has been difficult for me to get access to the laptop which is in “her” half of the house.

“She” is a four-legger with a long nose and a funny ear. Her name is Josie, aka Josie Nosie, aka Piddly Pants. I’ve been told she is a greyhound, but she looks more like a black and white hound to me.

She’s noisy and a bit smelly but the hoomans seem to pay her a lot of attention. She goes round and round and round and round and then stops suddenly for a nap. She pees every two seconds - usually on the floor. The other day she ate my biscuity vomit AND she has stolen some of MY toys. She even had the nerve to take my straw mousie! But luckily mum hooman put it out of her reach as she knew that would be the straw for me.
That is - sorry - WAS my other mousie. The nerve!
Big sisfur Meg doesn’t think much of Josie either. She backs off and hisses or growls just like me but has gotten a little closer to her than I have. Close enough to get into shot of a camera.
A meeting
Close enough to be on the receiving end of the puppy chase of annoyingness.
A chasing
I’m going to try my hardest to be civil to Josie. Mostly so I can have my cat tree and the lounge step back. Perhaps I might be able teach her how to behave in a more respectfurble manner.
OK, she is a little bit cute. I suppose.

And on another note - HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2011 treat you all with lots of tunas and Party Mix!