Saturday, May 14, 2011

Darwin: also known as...

For some bizarre reason, the hoomans like to invent new names for me all the time. I don’t know why. Darwin is a perfectly adequate name. It’s quick and easy to say and it isn’t as embarrassing as some names other poor kitties have to endure. Think of all those Fluffys or Tiddles’ getting the beatdown each night in the local alleyway because they have silly girly names. I will admit I do rather like the full name the hoomans gave me – Charles Darwin Longfellow III. I can’t understand why the hoomans giggle when they say it. They say (in between guffaws) they imagine me in a top hat with a tuxedo, monocle and a cane. What’s so funny about that?

They make up ridiculous names for me like Mr Brown and Spot and Darwin Wobble and sometimes even offensive names like Pest and Get-Off-The-Bench. Do I deserve these names? No, I do not.

Just this week, mum hooman started calling me Sir Purrsalot. I’ll give her the “Sir” part of it but that is all. I suppose this is better than the name big sis got lumbered with which was Dame Growlsalot.

I thought I'd see if I could come up with my own manly and handsome sounding nickname, so I went to a nickname generator on the net and filled out a little quiz. The nickname it came up with from my answers was...wait for it....Smoochie Cuddlekins. GAH!

What nicknames have your hoomans bestowed upon you? Or are your hoomans normal and just call you by your regular name?


  1. Darwin, we LOVE your outfit! It's so nice to see you again, we missed you. The Baby has a TON of nicknames, the most recent of which is "Grizwauld". Go figure.

  2. Jan isn't big on nicknames but she calls Sam "Brick Butt." No, his butt doesn't weigh more than him. It just feels like you've been slammed with a brick wall when he collides with you. So your nicknames don't sound so bad to Sam. :)

  3. we gets weird names too, and songs akshully. has you ever hear'd teh song "Rubber Ducky" from Sesame Street? well, my humiliating mommeh has adapted it for me...

    "AttieCattie, you're the one
    You make mommy's life lots of fun
    AttieCattie i am awfully fond of you"

    and then of course there is this one, orignal tune was "Sugar, Honey Honey."

    "Oh Sugar
    aw AttieCattie
    You are my kitty girl
    And you got me sayin mew"

    ...she is teh worst. AND she holds me and dances around while singing this.

  4. I get the Rubber Ducky song sung to me sometimes too! "Brown and spotty, you're the one, you make everything lots of fun...."

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  6. Darwin, you so very cute in your outfit. We hope that the humans don't come up with some bad names for you. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
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