Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hello evfurryone!

I now have my very own email address. No more taking over mum hooman's email account! So if you ever feel the need, you can write to me at Looking forward to lots of emails from the bootiful lady cats – er – I mean everyone.

The puppy and I are getting on a lot better now. I still refuse to cuddle her (as if! I wouldn’t be seen dead smooching a dog) but I will now stand my ground and stay planted most of the time when she approaches me for a sniff. The problem is, she has such a big, long, wet sniffer that it freaks me out a bit when she pushes it forcefully into my face. But most of the time I understand that she can’t help herself, I’m just tooooo irresistable. Now if only she would stop giving chase when I decide to run anywhere within her sight...

Long wet schnozz - I told you.


  1. Jump somewhere high Baron, that's the best way to escape!!!

  2. he he- just give it time and you'll be cuddling like old pals.

  3. YEOW! We'd be puffed up double if he sniffed us!

  4. Teach that puppy to fetch you tuna, and then you'll be pals!!

  5. Aw, you'll get used to the puppy. We did - 3 of them. And they come in handy when we need a scapegoat.

    Cotton, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron & Rusty

  6. a little extended claw can help.. but we suggest keeping out of his way - he won't be able to go up high like you. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

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