Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Quiet Meow

Sometimes, when I’m cuddled up and the hoomans are within seeing distance but not patting distance, I will bring out my special trick: the Quiet Meow.

The Quiet Meow involves me doing the quietest, sweetest, whisperiest meow, sometimes even without any sound at all and looking as enticing and lovely as possible. Sometimes I only need to twitch my whiskerpads for it to count as a quiet meow. I will continue to let out quiet meows until I get the desired result: the nearest hooman running straight up to me with a squeal and giving me a big cuddle and lots of pats and chin rubs. WIN!

Check me out in action here:


  1. Oh, yes, that works every time! Great strategy you have, Darwin!

  2. Speak softly and whap a big stick!

  3. A great big AWWWWWW from Mommy!
    We are gonna study your technique...we think we can score some extra pets that way.
    mmmmmmm, extra pets...

  4. Awwwwwwww! That is SO cute! I wish jane would master that technique. Her meows will rattle window panes.......

  5. We cats don't always need to be loud to get out point across!